Great Startup Resources

Resources for early stage startups

Albert Tai - Chief Executive Officer of Hypercare
Apr 26, 2017 · 2 min read

This page is a living breathing document with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs find useful resources in areas that are often confusing. Resources are slightly biased towards early stage startups.

Equity Calculator

Joel’s take on splitting equity


Growth is King - How to base your decisions, does it help you grow your userbase?

Building successful software company - The importance of hiring the best

How Vital is Marketing? - Why so many products fail, even if it’s built wonderfully

Investment Knowledge

Detailed Guide to Investment

NACO Common Docs on Investment - Great Canadian Shared Resources on Common, Preferred Shares, convertibles, Canadian SAFEs

CapTable Calculator - Great way to calculated the cap table

Pitch Decks

These are great pitch decks that you can base your pitches on StaffJoy Pitch Deck - Raised $1.7M Front Series A Pitch Deck - Raised $10M


Introduced by Ycombinator, it’s a convertible note without being a “debt”. Early stage startups benefit from this, saving it from long and costly legal process with priced rounds. Furthermore, startups do not have to randomly come up with a valuation of the company. |Pre-Seed | Seed |

Types of SAFES Summary: No Cap No Discount | Cap, No Discount | Cap and Discount | MFN (Most Favorable Notion) No Cap and No Discount

SAFE Template (American) - Ycombinator

Blogs to Follow as an Entrepreneur

Paul Graham (YC’s founder) - Great insight from seeing a perspective as someone who seen many companies got in and out

AVC (Managing Director of Union Venture Fund) - Same reason as Paul’s blog

Buffer’s Open Blog - Fantastic insight on a fairly successful startup on how they approached difficult decisions

Joel Spolsky’s Blog - Founder of Stackoverflow/Trello/Fogcreek - Technical software insight, product insight, product management lessons

Post Mortem

Marketing is Key, Don’t forget that - Great post about the importance of marketing, not just building.


Email Template for Investors - Great template to base your emails to advisors and investors Shoelacee 13 Investor Update Emails that Turned Our Dots into a Line - Sample example emails sent to investors and advisors