New Features

Providing In-App Feedback

You can now easily report app-related issues, suggest new features, and provide feedback to our team all within the app. Simply shake your mobile device to trigger this new feature!


View Upcoming Shifts

As clinical care often relies of shift changes and transfer of accountability, you can now view incoming on-call providers in your department’s on-call schedule to enable care coordination. Tap on the filter icon to view current on-call schedules or all on-call schedules.


July 16, 2020

New Features

Search Messages

You will now be able to search for a specific message in just two taps. Simply locate the search bar at the top of your "Chats" screen to search through all your Hypercare chats OR access your chat settings and tap on "Search in conversation" to search through a specific chat.

View Username in Settings

In today’s digital era, we understand that it can be difficult to recall usernames and passwords. To ensure that your login process is easy and efficient, we’ve simplified the process by displaying your username from Hypercare's "Settings".

Phone Number Detection

Upon receiving or sending a message containing a phone number, you will now be able to tap on said phone number to trigger a call to the individual directly. We hope that this feature helps to streamline your communication process by minimizing the amount of steps on Hypercare.


Chats Interface

The Chats interface has received some visual upgrades which provide a sleek and minimalist design to improve your overall user experience.


July 23, 2020

New Features

Locked Account

We prioritize security measures to protect user communications on Hypercare. Users will now be locked out of their account if they fail to enter the correct login credentials after 10 attempts and within a 30 minute time-frame. When an account is locked, users must contact Hypercare Support to unlock their account.


Priority Messaging

The priority messaging icon has received some visual upgrades to improve the overall user experience. When tapping on the priority messaging icon, the placeholder text in the text box reads "Send a stat message". We hope that this feature mitigates some confusion around sending priority messages.  


June 5, 2020

New Features

Customize Notifications

You will now be able to customize the sound of your notifications for general and priority messages to better accommodate your workflow. Select from a range of ringtones and adjust the volume as needed.

Manage Unread Messages

We understand that some of you may work and communicate with various organizations. As such, you will now be able to view the quantity of unread messages for each organization that you’re a part of. This will help to ensure that you do not miss important messages.

Autosaved Username

In today’s digital era, we understand that it can be difficult to recall usernames and passwords. We’ve simplified the process by saving your username on the login screen. Simply enter your password or select “Forgot Password” to proceed with logging in.


Invite Your Colleagues

To facilitate interdisciplinary communication and collaboration, we want to ensure that you can easily invite your colleagues to Hypercare. Invitations can be sent through email, phone number, mobile contacts, any many more!


September 21, 2020


Manage Organization Invites

To ensure that you and your colleagues can easily start collaborating on Hypercare, users can now view invites from the main "Chats" interface to accept or decline invitations to join an organization on Hypercare.

Login Page

Flip through the newly improved sign-up and login pages to view the various features and capabilities of Hypercare.


August 12, 2020


Join Organizations

To ensure that you and your colleagues can easily start collaborating on Hypercare, users can now join an organization(s) through email and organizational access codes. This allows users to gain access to the organization's complete staff directory and communicate with the appropriate provider. If you're interested in creating a new organization, please contact Hypercare Support.

Invite Colleagues

To enable seamless communication on Hypercare, it is critical that your colleagues can also join the app. You can now invite your colleagues to join your organization on Hypercare to start collaborating.

Web App v.2.0.0

October 26, 2020

Refined Features

Swap Shift Warning

When users are attempting to swap shifts that conflict with their schedules on the Web App’s “Schedule” feature, they will receive a system warning that there is a conflict and they can proceed the shift request if appropriate.

ADFS/Single Sign-On Improvements

To ensure a frictionless login process that reduces the amount of usernames/passwords to remember, users can now scroll through a list of organizations that have activated ADFS on Hypercare to login with their organization's credentials.

New Features

On-call Teams

For organizations that have established Teams on Hypercare, users can easily activate On-call Teams directly from the "Locating" feature on the Web App to decrease response times and facilitate care coordination.

Web App v.4.0.0

September 2, 2020

New Features

Monthly Schedules

View monthly on-call schedules for each department in your organization in a centralized location and directly request shift exchanges with any member in your department.


Exchange, pick-up, and surrender shifts to colleagues within your organization directly on Hypercare's Marketplace. Changes to your schedule will be reflected in real-time and you will receive an email notification once changes have been made.

Managing Requests

Manage any previous and impending scheduling requests on the "Requests" interface where users can withdraw any current requests and view the status of previous requests (Active, Cancelled, Declined).

Web App v.3.2.0

July 9, 2020


Viewing Schedules

You will now be able to view monthly schedules for each department in your organization through Hypercare's Web App. Simply click on the Schedule icon and filter through your organization's departments to better plan and coordinate care with members of the multi-disciplinary team.  

Web App v.3.1.0

June 26, 2020

New Features

Edit Profile

You will now be able to edit your name, role, and contact information from your profile settings. You may also customize your contact information from public to private if you do not wish to share specific information with members of your organization.

Manage Unread Messages

You will now be able to view the quantity of unread messages for each organization that you’re a part of. Click on the drop-down menu to view the full list of your organizations, unread message counts will populate next to the organization's name in red. This will help to ensure that you do not miss important messages!

Admin Portal v.2.1.0

November 13, 2020

New Features

Analytics Dashboard

Admins can now access the Analytics Dashboard for their organization or department at https://admin.hypercare.com/dashboard to examine user metrics and activity including total active members, general and STAT messages sent, and the percentage of single vs group chats.

Member Specific Data

Admins can now view Hypercare usage data including total messages sent for all members of the organization or department from the "Members" tab on the Analytics Dashboard.

Exporting Reports

Admins can now export reports directly from the Analytics Dashboard as a CSV or Excel file to share with the team.

Refined Features

Schedule Gaps

Admins can now easily identify required shifts and gaps in the on-call schedule directly on the "Scheduling" feature to ensure that a department is adequately staffed to meet clinical demands.

Admin Portal v.2.0.0

November 11, 2020

New Features

Single Sign-On

To ensure an easier login process that reduces the amount of passwords that ought to be remembered, Admins can now login to Hypercare with their organization credentials if their organization has set-up single sign-on/active directory with Hypercare.

Saving Indicator

To ensure Admins that changes made to an on-call schedule are saved effectively on Hypercare, Admins can now view the time at which the latest scheduling changes have been saved at the top right corner of the web page.


Publish and Notify

Admins can now select between notification options prior to publishing a schedule to decide which user subgroups ought to be notified with changes to the schedule. Notification settings will then be applied for future changes that are made that month's schedule.

Scheduling Redesign

The on-call schedule on the Admin Portal received some design upgrades to improve usability and is now consistent with the overall design of the "Schedule" and "Marketplace" features on the Web App.

Admin Portal v.3.1.0

September 8, 2020

New Features

Promoting Admins

You will now be able to promote other users in the organization to Admins of the organization, site, and department to assist in managing accounts and on-call scheduling on Hypercare. Simple click on the user in the respective organization, site, or department and click "Promote to Admin".

Admin Display on Console

We understand that it may be difficult to manage accounts on Hypercare when your organization consists of various departments and/or sites. You will now be able to easily identify organizational, site, and department admins from your Admin portal.