Keep patients healthy and independent in the community

Hypercare provides tools so you can deliver the best care for patients in their own communities. Minimize delays, minimize confusion, maximize good outcomes.


Distance is no longer an issue

Even when your team is scattered across the region doing house calls, you can stay in sync with your team as if you're having a meeting in the same conference room with our communication and messaging tools.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Safely share clinical photos, videos, and other files with Hypercare to get rapid expert opinions and assessments on patients in the field in real time.


Stay on top of all of your tasks and teams

Trying to coordinate care for a large roster of patients spread out across a region is a herculean task. Digital task lists help the entire team stay aligned on tasks, and provides an easy way to assign tasks to the team for clear care plans.

“Physicians, RNs and other team members serving the homeless population can communicate with one another in real time and share patient information securely via our phones. On any given day, we quickly know who is on call. It puts the whole team on the same page right away.”

Dr. Ritika Goel
Associate Medical Director @ICHA