Skilled Nursing Facilities

Coordinate care for your residents with one tap to keep them happy and healthy

Hypercare facilitates well coordinated multidisciplinary care, which is the key to maximizing independence and wellbeing for your residents.


Images speak louder than words

With Hypercare, you can safely share clinical photos of wounds or skin conditions, as well as other files such as videos or documents to get rapid expert opinions and assessments on residents remotely in real time.


Stay on top of all of your tasks and teams

Trying to coordinate care for a large roster of patients spread out across a region is a herculean task. Digital task lists help the entire team stay aligned on tasks, and provides an easy way to assign tasks to the team for clear care plans.

"Hypercare has greatly decreased the time I've spent making repeated phone calls to reach nurses who are busy in their own duties; eliminated privacy breaches from occasional staff who enter patient details in emails or texts."

Dr. Craig Albrecht, MD