Control your workflow and focus on the important tasks

Still waiting for that call back? Wondering if the on-call specialist received that page? Still on hold with switchboard? Hypercare eliminates these frustrations and disruptions so you can get back to caring for patients.

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Prioritize and Triage Issues

Insightful Context

Add context flags to your messages that allow you to see the urgency and type of message, allowing for quick triaging of messages.

Access to everyone you need

Quickly connect with everyone in your institution with our filterable and searchable directory.

The right person for the right care

Don’t rely on switchboard to find you the right person. Our locating feature gets the job done correctly every time in seconds.

Secure messaging

Keeping the Care Team As One

Have peace of mind knowing that Hypercare meets the most stringent government standards for patient privacy. Securely share personal health information with other verified providers and with patients with confidence.

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Virtual Switchboard

Automated switchboard operator to find the right provider at the right time

With our locating feature, we integrate on-call schedules for the entire hospital and sort it intelligently to find the right on-call specialist at all times. No more flipping through complicated schedules or waiting on hold with switchboard.

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Smart directory

Keep connected with everyone in your organization

Our filterable and searchable directory allows you to connect with anyone in your organization quickly and easily.

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