Reimagining Connections Beyond Hospital Walls

Mar 7, 2019 · 3 min read
Joseph Choi, MD, MPH, FRCPC - Chief Operating Officer

The way we communicate with each other in our everyday lives is unrecognizable from a decade ago. Technology has moved to the point where we can connect with practically anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Nowhere is this more needed than in healthcare, where time is of the essence and the stakes are high.

This new technology should also prompt us to re-think the current way clinicians interact with each other and with their patients. Hypercare gives the platform for innovation to reimagine entire workflows to bring more efficiency, greater satisfaction, and better patient outcomes.

Some of the interesting use cases that we’ve developed with our forward thinking clients include:

Connecting expectant mothers to hospitals remotely

Pregnancy is a very exciting and often confusing time, particularly for mothers expecting their first child. With our platform, we connect expectant mothers (who tend to be younger and tech-savvy) with a specialized obstetrics nurse during pre- and post-partum periods. This workflow allows quick and reliable advice that mothers can expect, and nurses can do a quick remote assessment to decide whether everything is fine, or can suggest a patient come in for an in-person assessment.

Connecting youths to their providers

The last thing a young person thinks about is their health. Even if they have a chronic health condition, there is so much more they would rather do that sit in a doctor’s office. With this group, who practically came out of the womb with a cell phone in their hand, having a tool like Hypercare allows them to check in with their care team, whether primary care, titrating their medications, or just having someone to talk to for mental health issues. This in turn strikes the balance of relieving them of the burden of being tethered to the clinic, but at the same time helps ensure that their health needs are met.

Providing complex care in the community

Some patients are unfortunate to have complex medical issues, and these are the highest users of the healthcare system. The top 10% of users is attributed to 68% of all healthcare spending in the US. A lot of these costs are for ED visits and admissions, which are far more costly than close monitoring and maintenance in the community. Not only does Hypercare allow their clinicians to connect to patients and their caregivers, but it is a full-collaboration platform that can incorporate patient transport, meals-on-wheels, and other supportive care that addresses patients needs on a wholistic approach.

Outreach to marginalized patients

there are a lot of patients out there that never get the access to the healthcare that they need, either due to low socioeconomic status, housing instability, substance addictions, mental health issues, language barriers, and a whole host of other factors. We’ve seen the Hypercare be used for teams of clinicians and social workers in the field, actively finding these marginalized and often transient patients to be proactive in providing care and services for them to improve their health and wellbeing.

As we further develop our platform, we hope to unlock the ingenuity of other providers to create completely new models of care to push the boundaries of good patient care.

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