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Spok is built for switchboard operators while Hypercare is hyper-focused on communication and scheduling tools for providers. Get started with Hypercare for free.

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What we offer to your team

All the best features of instant messaging, made HIPAA-compliant and specifically for healthcare workflows. Includes admin controls to manage data and users, and even monitor engagement. Available on Apple, Android and desktop.

Link a virtual number to an individual, team, or on-call schedule, and receive call-back info and voicemails straight to your device. Ensure pages are never missed with priority notifications that bypass do-not-disturb modes and built-in retry mechanisms.

No need to go through switchboard. Find out who is on-call instantly and seamlessly connect with the correct provider via secure chat. View updated on-call schedules in real time and "favorite" roles so you can access colleagues faster.

No more duplicate work and struggling to keep your spreadsheet up to date. Perform all of your scheduling functions in one place and share it with the rest of the organization in real time. Hypercare automatically flags conflicts, gaps, and potential post-call, saving you time and eliminating errors.

Activate code teams in one tap and provide vital patient context in real time. Enhance patient safety with delivery and read receipts, continuous retry mechanisms, and built-in escalations.

Connect Hypercare to existing IT systems such as single-sign-on (SSO), Connexall, Critical Alert and more. Don't find what you're looking for? Hypercare has well-documented open APIs for integration.

"We were excited to switch to Hypercare, which costs a fraction of the price and allows for a more accurate and modern way to communicate among our team and deliver care. The transition to Hypercare was easy and the app has been more reliable and functional than our previous service."


"Hypercare is an easy-to-use, extremely secure, and encrypted system for messaging with superb support."

BOB DAVIS, physician lead

"The process of onboarding team was seamless...Hypercare greatly enhanced our clinicians' efficiency and their ability to collaborate, by allowing them to discuss patient and clinical information instantly"

Patrick Darragh, chief medical information officer

"Hypercare has given our team and community partners the assurance of a secure communication system that allows prompt coordination of patient centered care"

Linda Britton, RN manager

"Honestly it's a breath of fresh air. Rarely need to page anyone in medicine service anymore. Residents have come on board. Finally can mention patient names and not use euphemisms. I love the desktop app. Finally jumped from 20th to 21st century"

enoch choo, physician assistant

"Hypercare has been rapidly integrated as an essential communication tool in our department at the Michael Garron Hospital. It allows easy, secure contact between physicians and technologists!"


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