On-Call Finder For Healthcare Professionals

Seamlessly connect with on-call providers.


Easiest way to find out who is on-call


Viewing distilled, real-time on-call roster

The master on-call schedule for any given time is generated by digesting all individual schedules so you know who is on-call at any time.


Directly contact the provider without calling switchboard

Tap on a role or the on-call provider’s name to immediately start a conversation with them. You can also send them a page using our Virtual Pager and “favourite” the role for faster access in the future.

Seamlessly communicate with the on-call provider

Before Hypercare

After Hypercare

Finding who is on-call

Every night, manually consolidate individual on-call schedules sent in various formats into a master document to create a daily on-call schedule for the next day.

Real-time updates on who is on-call across the entire healthcare system.

Last minute changes

Last-minute changes often are not reflected on the master on-call schedule, resulting in operators paging the wrong person.

Switchboard can make last minute changes on on-call schedules and reflect it across the system.

Contact Directory

Contact information is fragmented in different spreadsheets and documents, and often inaccurate due to difficulty updating the information.

Contact information for providers is easily accessible and can be updated by the providers or switchboard operators. Preferences on escalations can be indicated by switchboard in real time on their profile.

Before Hypercare

After Hypercare

Connect directly

Call switchboard, wait on hold while the switchboard operator pages or calls the on-call provider

See the provider who is on-call and connect through any channel (messaging, calling, paging)

Escalations of care

When you can’t reach the person on call, you need to manually call switchboard to find the next available provider

In life or limb communication it can re-try multiple mechanisms and follow an automated path to find a provider for you

Accurate on-call schedules

Often being paged while on vacation or not on-call due to the on-call schedule being outdated on switchboard’s end

Connect to the right person on-call with each schedule being updated in real-time

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"Hypercare has been mind-blowing allowing me to quickly find out on-call without needing to call switchboard, it’s a game changer!"

Dr. Frank Fornasier
Chief Medical Information Officer, Joseph Brant Hospital


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