On-Call Scheduling Software For Healthcare Professionals

Align the entire organization on a real-time on-call schedule so the right person gets paged. Conflicts and gaps automatically get flagged to you while you create the schedule.

Why build on-call schedules with Hypercare?

It is super easy to create, update, and manage schedules

No more duplicate work and struggling to keep your spreadsheet or Word document up to date with all your colleagues. Hypercare allows you to do all of your scheduling functions in one place and share it with the rest of the colleagues in real-time.

Self-serve marketplace

If you decide, you can turn on the Hypercare Marketplace which will allow your staff to view and pick up available shifts within the department and place unwanted shifts there for other colleagues to pick up.



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Manual consolidation of the on-call schedules causes the wrong provider to be reached and delay in patient care. One source of truth with Hypercare.

How do you input your schedule?

1/ Input your schedule in minutes
Create roles with typical start time, end time, and whether it happens weekdays, weekends, or daily. Input shifts and if needed, split shifts easily through the system.

2/ Check for conflicts, gaps, or potential post-call
Schedulers are alerted when there are conflicts about overlapping shifts across the organization, shifts unfilled, and even providers that might be taking too many shifts in one day.

3/ Automatic notifications and real-time savings
Once the schedule is ready, you can easily publish it to send notifications to the broader team and organization. Each subsequent change can email updates to the team. All changes are automatically saved, reducing the chance of error.


How to avoid missing changes to the schedule?

Sync the schedule into your preferred calendar
Sync Hypercare with Google, Outlook, Apple or other calendar applications to avoid missing shift changes and updates. It’s also super simple to view the schedule within Hypercare on mobile or web.

Notifications and Reminders
Schedule changes can be automatically sent to all team members and switchboard. Every Sunday, you are reminded of the upcoming shifts next week to help you plan your week.

What if a provider needs to swap a shift?

Shift swaps & marketplace
For department units that want to reduce administrative burden, providers will have the ability to trade their shifts with their colleagues or post their shifts to the marketplace for anyone in the team to pick up.


“To say Hypercare has simply made my life easier would be an understatement. This program has been one of the easiest to learn and navigate and the hours of time it has saved me from entering and altering schedules has been unbelievable."

Meghan Mannen
Administrative Assistant, Royal Victoria Hospital

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