About Hypercare

Your job is to focus on taking care of patients. Let us handle some of the scut work.

We understand and constantly look out for your needs

Built by clinicians for clinicians, we understand the pain points of your workflow that prevent you from providing the high-level care that you want to your patients. Hypercare provides smart features to take out some of the mind-numbing tasks in your day so you can better focus your attention and energy.

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Openness & Transparency

We want to create a culture of openness and transparency where every single team member feels comfortable to bring up any issue and questions for discussion.

Customer obsession

Customer delight, rare as it is, is something we cherish. Deeply understanding our customers, their workflow, and what they struggle with helps us innovate means of improving their lives.

Responsibility & Performance

Be self-motivated to push the boundaries and to take the initiative to do more for the company without being asked, and everyone will support you in your endeavours.

Failure & Success

S**t happens, take it as a learning opportunity. When things go well, we need to all pat ourselves on the back. But not too long of a celebration, reward ourselves and then tackle additional challenges.

Care about one another

Professionally, be supportive, but continue to treat the deliverable timelines as critical.

Work smart

Prioritize the hours you put into the company and utilize tools and strategies to make the most impact. Do not purely sink into time, but take a step back and think whether the hours spent are worth it.

Meet our leadership team

Albert Tai

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Joseph Choi, MD, MPH, FRCPC

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer

Umar Azhar

Chief Technology Officer

Shirley Zhu

Head of Strategy & Operations

Andris Lauris

Lead Mentor at H2i (Faculty of Medicine Incubator)

Bobby Sharma

Account Executive at LinkedIn

Dimi Barot, MD

Venture Capitalist at WaveMaker360 and Physician Executive

Dr. Joshua Liu, MD

CEO of SeamlessMD

Dr. Matt Strickland, MD, MBA

Trauma Surgeon & Co-founder of Gestsure

Gary Conner

Former EVP and Chief Financial Officer for Tower Health

Liam Kaufman

CEO of Winterlights Lab

LouAnne Giangreco, MD

Former System Chief Medical Officer of Cayuga Health System

Rachel Cheng

Design Advisor

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