Healthcare Admin & Data Analytics Solutions

Easy control of your data, security settings, and even see who is using Hypercare. All in one place.

Managing your users

Add/remove users and update contact information with the click of a button. For locums, residents and temp staff, you can assign a period in the future to remove them automatically from Hypercare.

Engagement and quality improvement

Real-time data on engagement, messages sent by users on a global or department level.

Control your data

Set up a custom data retention policy for messages, remotely delete Hypercare data, and log staff members out in the event of a lost or stolen device.

Intuitive Controls

Access Management Made Simple

Account Management
Manage rotating and locum users by deactivating their accounts when they leave and reactivating them again when they return. Control how users invite others into their organization.

Privilege and scope management
Different levels of user access so administrators can fine-tune who can access specific features within Hypercare.

Quality Improvement and Metrics

Analytics dashboard
Get insights on how engaged your users and departments are in real-time. Drill down to users and understand the activity to improve the quality of clinical programs.

Usage reports
Generate on-demand reports by department or individual member within a specified date range. Paint a clear picture of the operations in the organization, or use for auditing purposes. Any custom reports can also be requested.

Security configurations and control

Remote log out or wipe data
If a user’s device is lost or they suspect their accounts may be compromised, you can remotely log users out of certain or all devices. For added security, all Hypercare data on mobile devices can be wiped without separate mobile device management programs.

Reset password
Set a new password for a user if they forget their password or if they suspect their accounts may be compromised.


"Secure messaging, user friendly UI and on-call scheduling differentiate Hypercare from other solution in the market."

Imran Hussain

Joseph brant hospital

"Hypercare is a secure messaging platform designed for hospital clinicians. Doctors love it, pharmacists need it, nurses can’t wait to use it. It fills the gaps that pagers, telephone calls, and texts created and allows a seamless collaborative environment in healthcare!”

Jack zhang

michael garron hospital

“Hypercare has been an integral part of our commitment to the community. As a healthcare services provider, we benefit from end-to-end encrypted communications between staff with Single sign-on and their paging and scheduling tools are well integrated and user friendly, customer service and support are timely and exceptional.”

Mahamed Razvi

Inner city health associates

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