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Our free tier is for small teams (e.g. resident teams) who want to switch from consumer messaging to compliant messaging. Our standard tier is meant for departments and community organizations and enables the patient task list, directory, administrative control, and audit trail. Our enterprise tier is meant for hospitals and community networks who need the power of connecting hundreds or thousands of clinicians together through our virtual switchboard, integration into credentialing systems (e.g. single sign on systems), and integrations with other platforms such as electronic health records and patient alert systems.

We prioritize your security and your trust above all else. We hired an external healthcare security and privacy firm to conduct a privacy impact assessment, threat risk assessment, and penetration test. We have physical, procedural and technical safeguards implemented. Backups are done routinely to prevent data loss. We host our data in SOC2 certified data centres in Canada. Staff members who have access to sensitive data go through extensive background checks and rigorous training in security and privacy matters.

There are no extra fees to bring Hypercare to your team or organization. There are also no penalties to cancel your service, because we believe you will love our product.

Hypercare does annual invoices that can be paid through credit card, direct bank deposits, electronic funds transfer (EFT) , wire transfer, or check. Please contact us for additional details.

Transient users such as residents, can receive a discount of up to to 50% off, depending on the volume of users and other factors. Our sales team is more than happy to discuss our pricing options with you.

Of course! Please send an email to with the desired information (e.g. Privacy Impact Assessment) and we will supply any documentation you need. We’ve met all of our customers’ expectations for privacy and security matters, and would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have