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“Hypercare greatly enhanced our clinicians' efficiency and their ability to collaborate, by allowing them to discuss patient and clinical information instantly."

Dr. Patrick Darragh, MD - Chief Medical Information Officer at MGH

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Change management best practices

Change management can be daunting, especially in healthcare. Hypercare can help you through the process to ensure you make lasting impact in your organization.

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No one should have access to your data without permission. Our information practices are designed to exceed industry standards.

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'Paging Dr. Unreachable' – Why Physicians Are Ditching Pagers in Favor of HIPAA-Compliant Phone Apps
Joseph Choi, MD, MPH, FRCPC - COO & Co-founder @ Hypercare

Physicians will be the first to admit that they're sometimes hard to reach with a pager. This "send-and-wait" clinical messaging scenario of paging is old school, with patient care quality and HIPAA compliance suffering as a result.

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#AxtheFax Sentiment Shows Frustration, Leads to HIPAA-Complaint Clinical Communication Solutions
LouAnne Giangreco, MD - Experienced CMO in Health System

The surgeons pointed to advancements in digital technologies while communication within the health system stubbornly relied on the fax. Enter #AxtheFax.

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A clinician’s guide to introducing new digital platforms to healthcare organizations
Joseph Choi, MD, MPH, FRCPC - COO & Co-founder @ Hypercare

We’re used to using all sorts of applications and software to improve our productivity, and one may expect it to be just as easy to implement a new app to help with our clinical care. I definitely thought this way. I was so very wrong.

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