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Our app has been designed from the ground up by our team of in-house clinical experts and constantly improved based on extensive feedback by our users. We only create features that help clinicians provide care - nothing more, nothing less.


Hospitals of all sizes will benefit from the improved communication and coordination from Hypercare

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Family Medicine Clinics

Clinicians can connect with their patients more effectively and conveniently

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

Coordinate complex care for our most vulnerable patients with Hypercare

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Mental Health Services

Allow frequent check-ins and close coordination with your at-risk patients to ensure the best outcomes

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Community Care Centers

Coordinate many services across different organizations to keep your patient thriving in the community

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Social Support Service

Health is more than medicine. We can help weave a social security safety net for your vulnerable patients

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Credentialing and account management made easy

Managing users have never been easier. We integrate with Active Directory, and our self-serve account management takes the headache out of credential control.

Security & Compliance

We take your security and privacy seriously. Our platform is HIPAA and PHIPA compliant and uses industry leading encryption and security standards.

Clinicians love Hypercare

"Hypercare greatly increased our physicians' efficiency and their ability to collaborate by allowing them to discuss clinical information instantly."

Dr. Patrick Darragh, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer

"Hypercare deployed quickly and easily among our team members to provide an immediate solution to our need for privacy-compliant communication...the staff at Hypercare are people who genuinely listen to the needs of our team..."

Dr. Craig Albretch, MD

Lead Physician

"Hypercare has been transformative to the way our multi-disciplinary mental health teams communicate."

Lucy O'brien

Program Manager

Hypercare has helped transform 60+ organizations clinical workflow for better patient-centered care with our modern and secured collaboration tool. Learn more