About Hypercare

Our mission is to empower clinicians with tools to break down barriers to patient-centered care.

Together, we can set the new standard for collaboration in healthcare

Hospitals are constantly evolving and the need for interdisciplinary clinical care is growing. In healthcare, every second counts.

Meet the Executive Team

Albert Tai

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Joseph Choi, MD, FRCPC

Chief Operating Officer

Umar Azhar

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Oliver Van Praet, MDCM, CCFP-EM

Chief Medical Officer

Rachel Cheng

Design Lead

Dr. Joshua Liu, MD

CEO & Cofounder of SeamlessMD

Liam Kaufman

CEO & Cofounder of WinterLightLabs

Dr. Darius Bagli, MD

Associate Surgeon in Chief At Sick Kids

Dr. Matt Strickland, MD, MBA

Senior General Surgery Resident & Co-founder of Gestsure

Andris Lauris

Principal at Lauris Consulting

Vik Pant

Global Lead of Competitive Intelligence at Oracle