Do hospitals still use pagers in 2023?

May 4, 2023 · 3 min read
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Pagers have been a fixture of hospital communication for decades, but with the rise of smartphones and other modern communication technologies, many people have started to question whether hospitals still use pagers in 2023.

Beepers: The End of an Era?

The short answer is that while pagers may still be in use in some hospitals, they are becoming increasingly rare and are being replaced by newer technologies. In recent years, hospitals have been adopting a range of communication tools that are more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective than pagers.

Limitations of Pagers Today

One of the main reasons that hospitals are moving away from pagers is that they are limited in their capabilities. Pagers are one-way communication devices, which means that they can only send messages, not receive them. This makes it difficult for hospitals to manage patient care and coordinate staff in real-time. In contrast, smartphones and other modern communication tools allow for two-way communication, which enables hospitals to respond to messages and requests in a timely manner. These devices also allow for the exchange of multimedia messages, such as photos and videos, which can be useful for providing medical guidance or coordinating patient care. These technologies offer a more complete record of communication for documentation and compliance purposes, allow for faster and more efficient communication, and improve communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals. 

Another reason that hospitals are abandoning pagers is that they require a separate network infrastructure, which can be costly to set up and maintain, whereas smartphones and other modern communication devices can use existing wireless networks, which are often less expensive to operate.

Healthcare Communication in the 21st Century

It is important for hospitals to carefully consider their communication needs and choose the tools that best support the care and safety of their patients. With Hypercare’s all-in-one healthcare coordination platform, providers can seamlessly connect with their colleagues through real-time messaging and on-call scheduling via their existing smartphone. Click here to learn more about Hypercare’s two-way, secure communication capabilities.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and adopt new technologies, it is likely that pager use will continue to decline in hospitals over the next few years. While pagers may still exist in some facilities in 2023, it is likely that they will be replaced by more advanced and cost-effective communication tools.

What advantages does Hypercare's virtual pager system offer over traditional pagers?

Hypercare's virtual pager system provides numerous advantages over traditional pagers. One of the key advantages is reliability. By utilizing virtual pager functionality, doctors can transform their smartphones into reliable communication devices while benefiting from better stability and dependability than traditional pagers. The system ensures that messages are sent and received promptly, eliminating the risk of missed or delayed notifications.

Improved escalation protocols are also offered by Hypercare's virtual pager system. In cases where a message is not acknowledged by its intended recipient, the software automatically escalates the communication, ensuring that critical information is received promptly. This feature minimizes the chances of crucial messages being overlooked or lost, enhancing patient care and overall efficiency.

Hypercare's virtual pager system also provides a smarter approach to alert management. The accompanying app distinguishes between low-priority messages and urgent alerts related to acute patient care. This helps to combat alert fatigue by delivering assertive notifications for critical matters, ensuring that doctors can respond promptly and appropriately. Moreover, the app offers more context and information beyond the character limit of a conventional pager message, thus enhancing communication and reducing the need for additional searches for patient details.

Integrations with other systems is another advantage of Hypercare's virtual pager system.  These seamless integrations streamlines communication and enhances the efficiency of healthcare professionals.

Hypercare's virtual pager system also offers the convenience of ensuring that time-sensitive messages intended for on-call doctors are able to break through do-not-disturb mode. This feature can be enabled through special permissions, allowing doctors to strike a balance between uninterrupted workflow and immediate responsiveness.

In summary, Hypercare's virtual pager system surpasses traditional pagers by providing advantages such as reliability, improved escalation protocols, smarter alert management, integrations, and flexibility in silent mode settings.

How does Hypercare eliminate alert fatigue associated with pagers?

Hypercare tackles the issue of alert fatigue, commonly associated with pagers, by offering a modern and purpose-built app. Unlike pagers, which deliver every message with the same level of urgency, Hypercare's app provides a solution that indicates high-priority messages. When it comes to critical alerts related to acute patient care, Hypercare's app takes a more assertive approach. These urgent matters are brought to the attention of the doctors promptly, ensuring that they prioritize them appropriately. By differentiating the urgency levels of alerts, Hypercare effectively reduces the noise and information overload that often contribute to alert fatigue. In addition to overcoming the limitations of traditional pagers, Hypercare's app goes above and beyond by providing more context and information beyond the 140 character limit of a pager message.

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