Importance of Privacy When Using Electronic Communications Tools

Feb 02, 2021 · 2 min read
Marketing Director @ Hypercare

Electronic communications (e.g., texting, email, video conferencing and online chat) have become the dominant form of communication today, especially during the COVID-19  pandemic where virtual care solutions have grown exponentially. While electronic communication offers many benefits, it also poses risks to the privacy of individuals and to the security of personal/protected health information (PHI). It is important for healthcare providers to be aware of these risks and take appropriate steps to mitigate them before using these technologies in their professional communications between peers and patients. Both patients and providers need to be confident knowing that any sensitive information is handled and stored with strict standards and safeguards to prevent unauthorized access or dissemination.

Best Practices

Here are some points for best practices when using electronic communication tools:

When choosing a new healthcare electronic communication solution, the following are some key questions to consider:  

Although most healthcare information privacy laws have similar components, it is important that decision makers understand the local rules and regulations to ensure they are compliant with local policy. When in doubt, consult with your local privacy commissioner or regulatory bodies for advice to prevent headaches down the road.

About Privacy Horizon Inc

Privacy Horizon Inc. (“PHI”) is a data privacy and security service provider for small and medium sized organizations in the healthcare and financial services sectors. Through the PHI Framework™, PHI provides the tools, training, and risk management resources needed to enable organizations to build privacy and security controls into their products and services. Privacy Horizon’s mission is to equip organizations with the infrastructure and capabilities necessary to safeguard the privacy rights of individuals and protect personal information and critical infrastructure from loss or theft, or from unauthorized access, modification, copying, collection, use, disclosure or retention.

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