Introducing the Ability to Manage Your Organization's Data

Jul 30, 2019 · 2 min read
Albert Tai - CEO & Co-founder @ Hypercare

When we first launched Hypercare, we allowed users to be part of multiple organizations with one account. This allows physicians working at multiple organizations to stay connected with their colleagues from across the organizations they work without having a thousand different username and passwords.

As we launched at bigger organizations, we quickly realized the limitations with the current architecture. With larger launches, privacy and security departments often wanted the ability to set granular data retention policies on their data, and want former employees to be revoked in terms of access to their existing chats.

The current app could not determine whether a user was communicating organization A’s policies or organization B’s policies. This was made especially difficult if other members of the chat also belonged to the same organizations as the user.

Cue music. Users can now switch between the organizations they work with, allowing them to segregate their conversations based on the organizations they work for. In addition, organizations can manage their data more effectively. This allows granular controls for both the organization and the user.

This was not an easy technical feat, and we may share some learnings over a blog post on the technical component. Migration was tricky, especially if users were part of multiple organizations and communicated with other users that were part of multiple organizations as well.

In conclusion, enterprises now can granularly control their own data, revoke data access to former employees, and users can segregate their chats in an easy manner. We are very proud that we can now support a highly requested functionality for enterprises.

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