Mar 11, 2019 · 2 min read
Bobbette Bennett, RN, BScN, MHI - Customer Success Manager at Hypercare

We were privileged to be invited to the Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) innovation fair and the opportunity to participate in the thrilling display of forward-thinking innovations. It provided us the platform to showcase the ability of Hypercare to address and improve communication challenges faced by healthcare providers. Despite the line up of impressive and innovative technologies, Hypercare was able to command the attention of many of the healthcare professionals. Clinicians, trainees, administrators, porters displayed much interest in Hypercare with their enthusiasm and questions. Many were particularly impressed with the direct communication style offered by our product; no switchboard required.

In addition to this we had the privilege of experiencing other innovations in healthcare technology such as the Pediatric Early Warning Scores (PEWS), Cloud Dx and CoHealth (formerly known as DashMD), Internal Simulation Team, to name a few. The passion of all the attendees involved in the innovation fair was palpable and showed how motivated we are to create solutions for the challenges in healthcare we face today, from both clinician and patient perspectives.

We were particularly privileged to hear the testimony of a very charming COPD patient who explained how CloudDX technology not only facilitated the efforts of his health care providers, but also improved his quality of life. CloudDX technology allows healthcare providers to track the patient’s status while providing a feedback loop that assists healthcare providers to notify the patient when there has been a change from baseline. These fantastic innovations were all stemming from brilliant Canadian innovators within and outside of the hospital.

It is imperative that innovation becomes the new standard. There shouldn’t be just a few hospitals embracing innovation and change. Everyone in healthcare bears the responsibility of working towards making sustainable improvements that facilitates increases in quality of care and efficiency.

This is an exciting time in healthcare! We look forward to many more MSH innovation fairs and other forums to celebrate and recognize great talents working diligently to improve our health system.

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