Optimizing Hospital Workflows with Secure Messaging Systems

April 11, 2024 · 7 min read

We look into the efficiency gains and enhanced communication that secure messaging systems bring to healthcare settings. Highlighting Hypercare's features, the article discusses how these systems facilitate quick, HIPAA-compliant communication, and efficient scheduling, ultimately leading to improved patient care and smoother operational management. We'll explore the impact of integrating secure messaging into hospital workflows.

How Hospital Workflows Are Being Transformed by Secure Messaging Systems

Optimal patient care is reliant on intricate workflows that may involve multiple specialties and the collaborative efforts of many healthcare professionals. Secure messaging is designed to support communication in hospitals by enabling medical professionals to connect swiftly and securely.  It allows for synchronous and asynchronous communication, giving clinicians the ability to triage issues and reducing interruptions to direct patient care.

Principal Benefits of Secure Messaging Apps and Systems:

Replacing Pagers in a Painless Way

Pagers are so entrenched in healthcare that transitioning from them can seem like an insurmountable task. While instant messaging is increasingly an integral part of our professional and personal lives, virtual pagers can help provide the bridge between the old and the new. This system sets up a “pager number” that users and systems can still use these numbers the way traditional pagers are used, such as leaving a call back number or a short alphanumeric message. However, the message itself is routed to a Hypercare user in a HIPAA compliant manner, eliminating the need for the actual pager hardware.

Conversely, Hypercare can send numeric or alphanumeric messages to traditional pagers directly through the platform as well. This eliminates the need to pick up a phone to dial the number, or requiring multiple systems to send the message.

Why Messaging and Scheduling Must Go Hand-in-Hand

In order to generate a coordinated response or to know how to escalate care, users must understand who is responsible for each role. Messaging serves a way to convey information, however making sure it gets to the right destination is a challenge, particularly in large and complex healthcare organizations. Missed and crossed connections have serious implications for both hospital efficiency and patient safety.

Hypercare’s on-call management and scheduling platform provides a single source of truth to consolidate often fragmented scheduling processes. By consolidating the on-call roster in one place and in real time, it allows users to know who is on-call for each role and specialty at all times, and to connect with them effortlessly.

Powered by the schedule, complex team activations (such as Code Blue and Code STEMI teams) can be triggered with a tap of a button. This summons an entire group of providers to respond to a critical event. Automated escalation functions ensure each member of the team receives multiple notifications through different channels in the case of non- or delayed response. All this happens in the background so providers can focus solely on the patient and their care needs.

Similarly, when specific situations require escalation of care to different individuals, Hypercare’s automated escalation functions allow notifications to go to successive providers in the case of no response based on rules and logic that confirms with hospital escalation of care policies. Not only does this remove the cognitive load on the sender, but removes the intimidation and stigma associated with “bothering” a provider.

The All-in-One Clinical Communication Platform

Hyperare provides an elegant end-to-end solution for users to locate and connect with the right provider at the right time to convey the right information. We manage the journey in its entirety, so there is no need to switch between platforms or involve needless intermediaries.

Learn more about Hypercare’s best-in-class virtual pager here.

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