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November 22, 2023 · 4 min read
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With Imprivata Cortext sunsetting its services in July 2024, Hypercare recognizes the urgency of a seamless transition to a new secure communication platform for healthcare organizations. With a proven track record of supporting multiple healthcare organizations in their transition to a new technology, we understand the challenges that come with change management and work closely with Users to build a plan that works for their needs alongside our working knowledge of best practices. In addition to secure messaging, Hypercare can greatly enhance your facility’s clinical communication with a suite of features including automated escalation management, on-call scheduling, pager replacement, code team activations and more. It is important to note that Hypercare is focused on provider-to-provider communication and currently does not allow for patient-to-provider communication.

In this article, we'll guide you through a phased approach to replace Imprivata Cortext with Hypercare in as little as four weeks, ensuring minimal disruption. We have done this prior with other Cortext clients. If you want to learn how Hypercare compares to Cortext, you can do so here.

1. Foundation 

When you’re ready to kick off the conversation to replace Imprivata Cortext, the first step is to connect with the Hypercare sales team to ensure your facility’s specific needs are met by Hypercare. Often a hospital will require a budget business case to acquire Hypercare. That can delay timelines, but if necessary Hypercare can provide supporting documentation as needed to support the business case. 

a. Contracting

Hypercare can then enter into contracting, privacy and security reviews. Hypercare can provide SOC 2 Type 2, Threat Risk Assessment for security review, Privacy Impact Assessment for Privacy Review, and answer any security questionnaires required from your organization for buy-in. This process can take a few weeks up to a few months depending on your team’s bandwidth and turnaround, so budget this in when thinking about the replacement of Cortext. 

For contracting needs, Hypercare has a pretty neutral contract composed of a Master Service Level Agreement, a Statement of Work, and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This process of legal review can be as short as one day or as long as a few months depending on the edits from your legal department.

b. Optional Policies and Procedures 

Given that there is already a secure messaging solution in place, it is likely that there are policies and procedures already developed. If you need to update or create new policies and procedures, the timeline will likely exceed 4 weeks as there are often committee reviews or other approvals required. Some of these items include determining data retention policies, building downtime procedures, internal messaging policies, and adapting escalation policies.

c. Scoping Initial Phase of Deployment

Determine Phase 1 Groups and Rollout Plan:

Identify key stakeholders and user groups for the initial rollout phase. This step allows for a controlled rollout, ensuring that any issues are addressed before widespread adoption. Here you should also develop a detailed rollout plan that outlines the transition process, including timelines and milestones. This includes planning what functionalities will be enabled in phase 1 of Hypercare’s deployment and what will be enabled in Phase 2 (ie. additional features like on-call scheduling and code team activations). 

Optional - Integrations and customizations for Phase 1:
If applicable, identify any existing integrations or customizations on Cortext to ensure those are operational post-Cortext replacement. Hypercare has a well-documented API that our enterprise clients can call to bridge any previous custom internal development with Cortext. Any public integrations that Hypercare can speak about are also visible here: 

If a required integration is not currently available we can certainly discuss other requirements in our initial call.

2. Pre-Deployment Requirements

Optional - Single Sign-on Integrations 

We have a well-documented process for our clients to set up single sign-on integration with Hypercare. Whether it is Imprivata SSO, Azure Active Directory, On-premise Active Directory, Google Sign-in and more, Hypercare has the experience and documentation to ensure the integration can be seamlessly enabled. This process can be as short as a few hours for your IT to configure especially if it has been enabled before other third-party systems. 

Finalize User List:

Compile a comprehensive list of users who will be part of the initial deployment. This includes not only healthcare professionals but also administrative staff who play a role in communication workflows. Identify any key champions that can help influence the momentum of the project and ensure clinicians are excited about the change. 

Optional - Discussions with Third-Party Systems:

If applicable, schedule meetings with third-party systems for integrations or custom work. Our team is ready to collaborate with existing systems to ensure a seamless flow of information.

3. Training and Go-Live

Training Users on Hypercare Messaging:

Conduct comprehensive training sessions for all users on the Hypercare secure messaging solution. Our intuitive interface ensures a quick learning curve, and our support team is available to deploy either remotely or in person if necessary.

Optional - Training Schedulers, Switchboard Operators, After Hours Managers:

For hospitals utilizing Hypercare's on-call scheduling, automated escalations, code-team activations, and pager replacement features, specific training sessions will be conducted for schedulers, switchboard operators, and after-hours managers to maximize the benefits of these additional offerings.

4. Go-Live:

The final step involves the official launch of Hypercare. Our team will be on standby to address any immediate concerns, ensuring a seamless transition from Imprivata Cortext. Hypercare prides itself on ensuring the best possible experience for our customers. To help achieve this we offer:

At Hypercare, we understand the critical nature of healthcare communication, and our goal is to make the process of replacing Imprivata Cortext with Hypercare as smooth as possible for your hospital. Reach out to our team today to initiate the process and experience secure, efficient, and reliable healthcare communication with the Hypercare platform. Your patients deserve the best – and so do you.

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