Successful Digital Transformation When Working Remotely was the Only Option at Jack & Jill Health

Eliminate fragmentation and improve consolidation

Improve communication efficiency, no more games of phone tag or email fatigue

10-20% in Time Savings

Secure Messaging, Task Management

“Hypercare has helped improve communication efficiency by approximately 10-20%”

- Bukhtar Khan
Head of Growth

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About Jack & Jill Health

Jack & Jill Health is a DTC of Medical Brands and Pharmacy. They provide innovative healthcare solutions to patients across Canada, with a network of certified healthcare providers offering free online visits, as well as discounted pharmacy services.  Jack Health focuses on men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction and hair loss, while Jill Health focuses on products such as birth control, skin care, hair loss and lash growth treatments.  

Before Hypercare

Team Communication and Collaboration Before COVID-19

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, team members at Jack & Jill mainly communicated in person. The team was situated in the same conference room or office space and it was easy to quickly share patient notes between physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists. When COVID-19 hit, the team was forced to work remotely. Without easy face-to-face access, communication became inefficient, having to rely on phone calls or email. And if those conversations involved sensitive patient data, it would have to be coded to ensure data privacy.

Finding A Better Way To Communicate

Jack & Jill Health began the search for a PHIPA-compliant platform to help solve their workflow concerns. Prior to engaging with Hypercare, they were using Slack as their internal messaging solution, but the team was tired of masking patient data and not being able to discuss patients directly and compliantly.  

After reaching out to the Hypercare team, Jack & Jill Health had the opportunity to trial the Hypercare platform for 30 days at no cost. Hypercare was adopted widely across the organization because of the intuitiveness of the platform (their quote, not ours!). Even without formal training, they were able to quickly set up users, manage profiles, instant message and create focused group chats.  

After Hypercare

How Workflow Improvements Helped The Business Scale

Since switching over to the Hypercare secure messaging platform, Jack & Jill Health has seen improvements in efficiency for patient care coordination. Messages are sent between team members to organize patient consultations, provide feedback on those consultations, and coordinate pharmacy requests. Jack & Jill Health also heavily utilizes the group chat functionality in Hypercare to help improve cross team collaboration and analyze patient data together.

The Task Management functionality within the Hypercare platform allows team members to create, assign and follow up on action items that need to be completed. This closed loop communication helps ensure that things like pharmacy prescriptions and insurance requirements are not forgotten.

Hypercare seamlessly integrates the passing of information back and forth between around a specific patient.

- Bukhtar Khan
Head of Growth

Moving forward with Hypercare

Jack & Jill Health continues to scale their operations quickly, with more physicians coming onboard, more patients accessing their services and more orders and scripts to process. As their business grows, the partnership with Hypercare becomes increasingly important. Hypercare and Jack & Jill Health will continue to work closely together on features such as Task Management enhancements to help make the workflow even more efficient for the Jack & Jill team members.

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