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Hypercare has helped transform thousands of clinicians' lives for the better with our modern and secure collaboration tool.

"The overall feeling of confidence when we transitioned to Hypercare has been a game changer for us. Once I input the schedule (which takes me 15mins max) I don't have to worry about the paging system working... This has saved us so much time and has helped us streamline how the doctors do business. The system currently in place allows the on-call physician to receive a page, check the voicemail and determine if the return call can wait or if they need to interrupt their rounds, all in one place. This workflow is efficient, they can finish their rounds, and get back to the office where they can begin seeing patients."

Eleanor Arreola
Operations Manager

"Activating code response teams is so much quicker via Hypercare. With a single click we can securely send all relevant patient information to the entire team at once. This is especially important in critical situations where every second counts.”

Andrew Bell
Manager, Emergency Management & Security Services

"We are realizing the power of Hypercare as a Health and Well Being tool for communication, record keeping and very importantly a most secure professional platform to manage this confidential information. Also, it has allowed us to be more coherent and connected as a team, in turn helping us address complex healthcare issues/incidents."

Wesley Moore
Owner, St. Jacobs VIllage Manor

"As a surgical subspecialist, I require a quick and efficient paging system to deliver patient care. Our group had previously paid hundreds of dollars per month for an outdated paging service. We were excited to switch to Hypercare, which costs a fraction of the price and allows for a more accurate and modern way to communicate among our team and deliver care. The transition to Hypercare was easy and the app has been more reliable and functional than our previous service. We have been very happy with this product."

Dr. Joel Cooper
Vascular Surgeon

"Hypercare is an easy-to-use, extremely secure, and encrypted system for messaging with superb support."

Bob Davis, M.D.
Physician Lead

"Hypercare has given our team and community partners the assurance of a secure communication system that allows prompt coordination of patient centered care."

Linda Britton, RN
RN Manager

"Hypercare has been a great addition to our community palliative care practice. Our team loves it. The ability to have secured texting has allowed our team to improve efficiency and be more attentive to the needs of our patients, caregivers and community partners."

Dr. Sheri Bergeron MD CCFP(PC) FRCPC
Palliative care physician

"My team loves this app! We use it to communicate daily with texts and pictures. The app is reliable and has frequent upgrades with improvements. The customer service is really good too - they are quick to respond if you have any questions. Thanks Hypercare!"

Katie O'Brien

"I wanted to let your team know how much I enjoy the hypercare app. Since the outreach teams have started our communication has drastically improved with less time spent on phone calls. We are able to swiftly locate patients who are in need of care as our lens on the community has amplified. In addition, your companies' support of this app is prompt and always satisfying. Many thanks and well done!"

Karen Simpson, NP
Nurse Practitioner

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you and the Hypercare team have done for our operation and especially through this pandemic. I feel that "literally" you could say that Hypercare helped saved lives as it were not for the efficiency and confidentiality of your messaging platform we would not have been able to provide our patients the level we were able to offer. Messaging throughout our inter-professional team along with the ability to attach photos, documents, schedule an on call team made our small operation keep up in a fast paced environment."

Paul Perlas, RN

"Hypercare has been rapidly integrated as an essential communication tool in our department at the Michael Garron Hospital. It allows easy, secure contact between physicians and technologists!"

Dr. Aaron Glickman, MD

"We started using a few months ago. It started out as a convenience (being able to use real names, info, via text) but has ended up being quite practice changing (texting a radiologist for clarification, group chats with multiple consultants, etc). Highly recommend!"

Dr. Oliver Nguyen, MD

"Hypercare has made communication between the members of the Surgery team so much easier. Not only does it offer a secure platform to communicate about patient issues it is a user-friendly platform for group conversations or Group announcements. Thank you for bringing Hypercare to our organization."

Dr. Carmine Simone, MD

"We have a lot of people who are always on the move, and can disappear for weeks or months at a time. This makes coordinating services and providing care for them in the usual way very difficult...None of this could have come together so quickly with our old way of doing things."

Dr. Craig Albrecht, MD

"I am new to Hypercare but the two times I have used it have been so impressed! I was surprised how quickly the specialists responded and instantly my question was answered and I had a plan with which to move forward. As a family doctor it has historically been a challenge to get in touch with specialists so this is awesome! And I am so appreciative that they are taking the time to get back to me as I know they are all busy. Love it!"

Dr. Nayla Jessamy, MD

"I think every hospital should have Hypercare. It makes team to team communication easier, more efficient and safer. It reduces errors. You can literally look up anyone you want (at the hospital) and message them. It's like a more secure Facebook and everyone is your friend."

Dr. Dhruvin Hirpara, MD

"I love the app, it helps stay connect with them and get a hold of anyone wherever they are! Very helpful"

Chantal Cooledge

"Hypercare has facilitated the communication between the team members and therefore helped a lot with the flow of our fast pace heath care system. I am able to communicate patient's clinical findings, treatment plans and barriers to discharge at once to the whole team, avoiding duplicate information and small conversations. Very easy to use!"

Eliane Antar Crespin, PT

"We have been in search of a paging app for use within our department (ophthalmology) for some time. After trying some other solutions, our early impressions of Hypercare have been very enthusiastic: the platform is especially easy to navigate, the developers have been very attentive to our needs and experiences, the signup process was quick and easy, and required very little assistance from me (the technical lead within our department), and the platform just feels well-thought-out, with the view of a clinician's needs plainly in sight."

Rob Ewart
Academic Special Projects Director

"The process of onboarding team was seamless...Hypercare greatly enhanced our clinicians' efficiency and their ability to collaborate, by allowing them to discuss patient and clinical information instantly..."

Dr. Patrick Darragh, MD

"Honestly it's a breath of fresh air. Rarely need to page anyone in medicine service anymore. Residents have come on board. Finally can mention patient names and not use euphemisms. I love the desktop app. Finally jumped from 20th to 21st century..."

Enoch Choo

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